Three Chairs Short began in 2002 from a theoretical response to my thesis.

three = each element / part / idea had to serve three functionalities; purpose, function and style.
chair = the chair was defining of a space and scale.
short = experience, emotionally engaging, a series of snap shots - providing an unique story or time capsule of events.

Three Chairs Short Architects Pty Ltd is a young firm that was conceived in 2002, designing unique furniture pieces for selected clients as well as providing drafting/computer aided design and 3D visualisation for various architectural firms on the Gold Coast. From its humble beginnings Three Chairs Short Architects has expanded to encompass a diverse range of services delivering quality products with a main focus on architecture, furniture, design and visualisation.

Three Chairs Short Architects Pty Ltd prides its self on having a sound knowledge of the construction industry and use of modern materials/construction technics while using the latest technology and industry leading software programs to communicate exciting, compelling and emotionally engaging spaces.

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